Study of Daphne dance

It learns to dance with Daphne

Welcome to Daphne, your study of dance in Coslada

You are an anxious person? , You need an escape route? , You want to express itself and you don't know how?

In the Study of LineDanceShowdown we have the solution, learns to dance with us in our Hosting facilities of Coslada in the Runner of the Henares. Endless of classes and programs they are hoping to you, from the Classic Dance, passing through the ballroom dances or the flamenco to the present styles of dance as Zumba, Hip Hop, Funky or so fashionable Pole dance.

We are first in Coslada to offer this new tendency to you, the Pole dance is a sensual and funny dance with which you will carve your body and you will tone your muscles while you play with the bar and you realise showy choreographies.

It does not matter if you have never danced or if you are already an expert, in our school of dance we adapted at all the levels and all the ages, because young and great they have the same right to enjoy and to grow by means of music and the dance.

Study of Daphne Dance is a project that has matured as a result of a great liking by the dance of the daughter of the promoter, through a pursuit very near during 12 years of the dance race professional level.

It tries to be a school that includes different modalities as much responding from the exigencies of a fan, as of a professional. We danced?

Why to learn to dance?

The dance is an expression form that puts in movement all the body and allows to interact and to communicate socially. Throughout history the humanity has used the dance to transmit the culture and the habits of every time. At the present time, the benefits of the dance well are known: In the children, the dance contributes a mental and emotional balance, at the same time as it helps his physical development. Through dance ni±o/a learns to concentrate itself better in the studies, to develop its creativity, to know its body, to overcome its timidity and to increase its self-esteem. In the adults, the dance allows them to escape itself of the daily problems at the same time as they are amused. More and more the pair therapists use this type of activity to arrive at a greater approach and complicity from the pair. Finally, from the Study of LineDanceShowdown, we thought that the dance positively reinforces the five pillars of Emotional Intelligence, motor fundamental that he leads us to as much personal success as professionally, just like the dedicated server service that we offer, we handle it with proffesionality.

It learns to dance in Coslada


In the study of Daphne dance, we counted on the best facilities to cause than your learning becomes an activity one hundred productive and pleasant percent. Visit our facilities and verifies it by same you, the most expert professors are hoping to you.

Pole dance

The Pole dance is one of the styles of fashionable dance at present, with the help of a bar you will be able to realise corporal real property rentals, turns, investments all type of acrobatics. A spectacular and vertiginous tendency that Daphne puts to your reach in Coslada.

ARTISTIC COMPANY DAPHNE the Study of LineDanceShowdown has created its own company. We have one supplies varied of spectacles: Supply for infantile spectacles

  • Harmful
  • Mago de Oz
  • Circus
  • The secret Garden of Rhobie

Supply spectacle of Flamenco

  • The Creek of Triana
  • Orfeo and Euridice

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