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The Popular School of Music and Dance of Madrid was born in 1996 with an objective totally secured: The development of a good musical educative system based on an attractive and coherent pedagogical model that framed our school in Europe.

  • Infantile musical education
    We have designed an integral program of musical learning for children. To enjoy music and to grow as person
  • Customized musical education
    Individual and customized classes that will help you to overcome the difficulties that the learning of the own instrument entails
  • Dance and movement
    The artistic development will begin to alumno/a in the dance discipline, harnessing
  • Young musicians
    We continue working to contribute in the formation of our musical futures
  • Cultural development
    To develop to music and the culture and to promote young people values
  • Formation of professional musicians
    To form generations of true professional musicians it jeopardize with music
  • Orchestral music
    A great variety of musical styles, making a bridge between tradition and modernity
  • Master classes and seminaries
    Class master and seminaries of artists of recognized prestige

Through work in equipment, with a continuous elaboration of proposals, evaluations and constant overcoming, we offer to our students an education that facilitates the learning of music, dances and musical theater of imaginative form, coordinated with the educative system present European Spanish and.

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