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The Cultural Association of the Popular School of Music and Dance is an initiative without profit spirit whose objective is the development and the promotion of music, the dance and the culture.

Throughout all these years it has actively contributed to foment, as much of pedagogical form as in his cultural artistic slope, the diffusion of music and the dance, as well as to artists in his different facets integrating, managing and organizing activities destined to the formation, as master class, courses and seminaries, concerts, samples of dance and other events. Also it has collaborated from his homes with other social, municipal or communitarian organizations to realise a valuable cultural projection and to make possible the development of music.

From our Association we supported the musical young people to impel its evolution and its entrance to the labor market through the opportunities that we created in his preparation as future professors, in his activity in the field of the interpretation or as musical arrangers or composers.

In a ampler sense, we try to make of our Association a place of encounter between the people of the district, a forum where people have the possibility of knowing themselves, of debating, of sharing her restlessness and of fortifying her bonds.

The bottoms collected by the partners will serve as support for formative projects and will grant very useful tools to develop promising professional races and to confront humanitarian projects related to the art and the education.

Management and development of Concerts, Cultural Conferences and Activities

Through our office of Management concerts are managed and developed, cultural conferences and activities promoting tie artists with the other arts and the creation of new public.

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