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From 8 years and adultos/as

Dance and movement

Ballet - classic Dance

One will begin to the student in this discipline through his technique with ground exercises, sweeps and center, that will be always accompanied by suitable musical rates, harnessing the artistic development.

Spanish dance

Their sorts are approached all and it begins as much to the student in the technique as in the different musical styles: classic Spanish, escuela bolera, folklore, flamenco.

Contemporary dance

The work generally focuses with particular attention to each student, given the great variety of capacities and qualities of each. Working with bodies that still are not developed, the work cannot consist of the specialization in a single technique (Graham, Lemon, Matt Mattox), reason why a ampler work sets out, than it reunites the main elements of several techniques that will allow the student to specialize later: position, coordination, energy and space.

Dance jazz/Hip Hop/Funky

Dance Jazz

The expression of music is what gives style to this form to dance. In these classes the balance between a strong and clear technique and the necessity looks for to feel the spirit of a given style. It is also taken care of the position, the coordination, the energy, the space, musical quality, the style, the interpretation and the quality in the movement, the qualities of breathing, the weight, et cetera is persecuted.


By its form to wake up the rate and the necessity to work without tension, the study of the claque appears as complementary for any form to dance. The claque is a dance for all the ages that can practice without owning previous knowledge of dance


Tap-danced technique of, stroke, returns and palms, as well as the study of different flamenco woods: joys, tangos, buler­as, soleares, Sevillan€¦

Spanish dance
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