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Cervantes versus Shakespeare - To sees or not to sees€¦

A musical story that shows the life to us of two literary geniuses united by music: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. In the 400 anniversary of the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare, with this concert and musical story we will see that not only they had common its year of death.

A narrator, who will represent characters both, will show of a playful and funny way the similarities and differences to us of both, being music the wire and the bond between both.

Musical works that represent both writer will make us understand the differences of culture and characters, but also similar complementary worlds that both writers shared. Music, as central axis of the story throws to us to fantasy worlds as Dream of one night of summer or the battle of the Mills; worlds of love as Dulcinea or the Moan of Ophelia€¦

To sees or not to sees€¦ Cervantes versus Shakespeare

Without a doubt a musical story in that they will not lack small surprises as much and as majors we will discover to two geniuses as we had never seen them. Two great geniuses that sweep the historical spaces.

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