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Extra-curricular classes in Schools and Infantile Schools

To educate through music and the dance

In the Popular School of Music and Dance of Madrid we have designed an integral program of musical learning for children.

The artistic lessons have been still a marginal matter within the regulated education. For that reason the learning through the music or the dance seems so important to us, that is inclusive in themselves, since they include intellectual facets, social, affective, playful€¦ and for that reason constitute a powerful tool of social and educative transformation, apart from which they help to develop the expression, the concentration and the creativity.

To educate through music and dances

We want that the student considers always his musical studies from a pleasant point of view, as a practice that allows him to be related and to express itself at artistic level.
The weekly classes will be given by specialized teaching staff of the school, which guarantees our commitment of quality.

Without needing moving you of your Schellostic Center and with the best professionals, we offer to the Schools extra-curricular classes of quality from the 3 years and to the conclusion of its studies with our educative project and budgets very fit.

In addition to the regular classes, we offer days of opened doors, periodic evaluations, hearing, pedagogical campings of summer, concerts€¦

Schools in which we took to end our project:

  • School Cardinal Spinola
  • CEIP Isabel La Cat³lica
  • CEIP Lope de Vega
  • Is Lope de Vega
  • CEIP Men©ndez Pelayo

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