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Formation instrumental and choral


They play a fundamental role in the life of the music schools and realise a valuable cultural projection, since they represent the same in its municipal and regional scope, promote interchanges with other centers and they make possible the development of music through the formation of bands, orchestras, choirs and diverse groupings.

Also, they offer the opportunity to listen to and to interpret the compositions of our students and to even record its own scale models.

Formation Instrumental

Popular Jazz Big Band

Big band of the Popular School is born with the aim of forming all a generation of true professional musicians it jeopardize with music. Integrated in its totality by young people trained in the Popular School, a fundamental paper in the development of music plays, realising a valuable interchange with enormous cultural projection.

The consolidation and the success of the prestigious Big Band of the Popular one are already remarkable.

Young orchestra of the Popular one

The Popular School of Music and Dance of Madrid starts up the Young Orchestra of the Popular one.

Oriented to children and young people among 8 and 16 years, this orchestra considers as a space of learning and instrumental and orchestral improvement actually indispensable for all student of instruments of arc, wind or classic percussion. A repertoire adapted to the pedagogical objectives of the orchestra will work and that supposes an approach to different styles and times, from the baroque one to the modern orchestral music. By all means, the work carried out will periodically crown with concerts public in cultural centers and audiences of our city.

In principle, the orchestra will be made up of stringed instruments (violin, violates and cello), of wind-wood (flute, clarinet, Oboe, bassoon), of wind-metal (spins a top, trumpet player, trombone) and of classic percussion (box, big drum, small percussion). The piano will be also welcome.

Groups of music of camera and stands for casks

In different formation and styles.

Orchestra of Camera

In her fundamental aspects of the interpretation work, the structure and the form, as well as the reading, the memorization and the musical expression.

Formation Choral

Infantile program of scenic music

Modern choir of adults

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