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Joaqu­n Rodrigo: imagined music

Through music in direct, of the narration and the interpretation, we will enter ourselves in the life of Joaqu­n Rodrigo and will know his works having stopped us in the Concert Aranjuez as the teacher imagined it.

Joaqu­n Rodrigo: imagined music

What felt the boy who was? Which were their dreams? What would perceive a musical blind person?

We will listen to the rumor of the sources, the song of the birds, the passage of the river, creaking of the leaves of the trees or the sound of the wind. We will know the qualities the sound of near and funny form; we will explore the gardens, the river, the kitchen gardens and courteous atmosphere of Aranjuez during the first decades of century XVIII, as it wanted to recreate it own Joaqu­n Rodrigo through its concert.

Actively, by means of questions, theater riddles, explanations and other resources, we will know the composer and some facets his life. While music sounds they will be projected images related to the life of Joaqu­n Rodrigo.

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