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In the Popular School of Music and Dance of Madrid we have designed an integral program of infantile musical learning for children, children and babies.

From the theory and a rigorous and creative pedagogical practice, the children will begin to the 0 months to become familiar with the musical world, and will finish with one complete preparation in all the facets of music which will allow him to confront the musical practice at a high level and study in Conservatories Superiors or to get to be able to include and to communicate with music as a good fan and listener.

In the way, he will have acquired a great instrumental domain and theoretical, he will have worked the sol­stica interpretation and in group and one will have faced in numerous occasions the difficult but rewarding company to touch before the public.

Presentation programs infantile musical education

The educational equipment of the Popular one offers to the students in infantile age a vision stylistically opened, that conjugates our interest in modern music, not always represented until now in regulated education (improvisation, modern styles, formation of stands for casks€¦), with the preparation of a program in agreement with the one of the official curriculum of conservatories and schools of music that allows those students who wish it to appear at any time to the tests of entrance of these institutions.

Conscious of the difficulty that a specialized learning as the musical heart in terms of effort and time, mainly considering the present school load of general education, we want that the children consider always their musical studies from a pleasant point of view, as a practice that allows him to be related and to express itself at artistic level. Logically, some matters €“ musical language, harmony will be a little to them more barren than others €“ stands for casks, the one of the own instrument. But they will be acceding to them gradually, in a process that allows them to understand its sense and to integrate them in the organic corpus of its musical knowledge.

In the Popular School of Music and Dance we do not want to close the doors to any musical future, professional or good fan, of classic or modern inclination. For this reason, all the excellent languages and styles will have capacity in the theory and actually that they are going to work.

Next to the preparation of an instrumental work of it cuts classic, will participate in a modern stand for casks trying standard of jazz; hearing and the commentary of a folkloric piece it will follow the instrumental and vocal assembly of an African tribal dance€¦ All the facets of the rich one and varied world of music have capacity, from the pedagogical rigor, in education that we offer: in the Popular one, the professors we think that a complete musical formation demands an opening of sights as far as techniques and styles, and that only of this form can be chosen with knowledge artistic way the future. Our objective is that, at the end of their studies with us, our students can choose, between all the ways who know, that one that they like more.

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