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Pequejazz - Disc books of Jazz for children


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Pequejazz arises to approach the jazz the children of a pleasant and funny way

With collection Pequejazz the dial-book, the children (and the not so young ones) will be able to keep awake some mysteries of the jazz and to solve those questions that always were asked:

  • how improvise do the musicians?
  • it is possible to be learned to improvise?
  • what characterizes the rate?

And mainly to know and to love this music as he is in fact: ample, rythmical, sensible and undeniable source of the diverse styles: rhythm changes, blues, rock&roll, Latin, funk€¦

Thus, each one of the dial-books will pick up diverse aspects: the origin of the jazz, its development, styles, influences, great orchestras, excellent musicians€¦

Pequejazz is distributed in the libraries of Barcelona and shortly in the Community of Madrid, as well as in schools of music of diverse communities. It is on sale in infantile FNAC, bookstores and bookstores specialized in music

Disc summary Published in Pequejazz

The secret of Dexterity

disc book pequejazz volume 1

In the first volume, the secret of Dexterity, we have wanted to include from the prehistory of the jazz to hardbop, in the Fifties of the past century.

Musical direction of Juanma Barroso

Irene Tejemaneje and the magic of the swing

disc book pequejazz volume 2

The second volume, Irene Tejemaneje€¦, are dedicated to first of the great styles of the jazz: the swing, to its great orchestras and the most outstanding musicians.

Musical direction of Bobby Martinez

A friendly meeting

disc book pequejazz volume 3

The third volume, a friendly meeting, concentrates in bebop, style that the jazz revolutionized and lhelp the foundations of all the modern jazz.

Musical direction of the prestigious Valencian saxophonist Perico Sambeat

The island of Dexterity

disc book pequejazz volume 4

The fourth volume treats on hard bop and its later influence. The musical direction is in charge of the Bobby Mart­nez saxophonist.

Musical direction of the Bobby Mart­nez saxophonist

A trip cool

disc book pequejazz volume 5

In the fifth volume we explored the Cool, and we offer a great surprise to you: a paper clip of cartoons in which, in addition to knowing our friendly personally, you can participate with them singing the song of Pequejazz.

The following individual discs will go accompanied of DVD's of cartoons.

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