It learns to dance Sevillan with Daphne

The typical dance of Andalusia so that the passes brilliant in the fair and you can be conceited with your friendly.

Typical dance of Seville, Huelva and other provinces Andalusian. It is danced mainly in the fairs of the community of Andalusia (Feria de Abril of Seville or Romer­a of the Dew).

Their origins are placed in the time of Reyes Cat³licos and it is also known as €œCastilian Rollovers€.

Nowadays it is a more popular dance folkloric and more known in Spain. It is danced in pair, but it can occur combinations with more than two people dancing at the same time.

One is made up of four songs, although in other times those were seven songs that composed the complete sevillana.

If you want to prepare you for the fair of Seville, we waited for you in our School of LineDanceShowdown where we offer 2 levels to you: advanced initiation and.

You do not let pass the opportunity to learn to dance the Sevillan, we hoped to you.


  • Sevillan (Initiation)
  • Professor Irene
    • Thursday of 19:15 to 20:15


  • Sevillan (Initiation/half)
  • Professor Roc­o
    • Friday of 20:15 to 21:15


  • Sevillan (advanced Level)
  • Professor Irene 
    • Tuesday of 18:15 to 19:15


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