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Infantile Musical education

Music for Babies - From 0 to 3 years

This course goes directed to the three first years of life, considered as most important in the physical, intellectual and emotional development. The early musical education in babies contributes to the process of the motor coordination, the oral expression, the auditory discrimination, the own autonomy€¦

Music for babies of 0 to 3 years

We have adopted the pedagogical line that raises that the development of the musical sense and the rate takes place of the same form that the one of the language. Just as the boy it also learns the mother tongue through the sounds that listen and pronouncing his first syllables, approaching music the babies, the process that will take place in its brain will be equivalent to the one of the mother tongue.

In this way music can be learned through analogous processes to those of the learning of the speech.

Our objective is to educate in music and, therefore to obtain the musical understanding and the possibility of musical expression with the voice or an instrument. We try to favor the development of the musical aptitudes of each boy according to his own potential of customized form.

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