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Infantile Musical education

Level 2

As of 7 years

Musical language

Collective classes that allow to deepen in the development of the rythmical and auditory education, in addition to knowing the musical language and the theory, developing vocal, psychomotor, harmonic and expressive the capacities.

Infantile music Level 2

Instrumental practice

Center of the pedagogical work, with an ample fan of sorts, forms and styles. Instrumental education will be able to be approached collectively individual and/or.


  • Selection of the didactic materials of each instrument.
  • Adaptation at the level of the student, in search of a customized attention according to the capacities and the interests of that one.

Complementary activities to the study of the instrument

Collective classes in which the aspects work of practical form theoretical, historical, aesthetic and social of music, as well as the style and the interpretation, enriching the musical formation through integration with other instrumentalist ones.

Scenic choir

Directed to adolescents among 8 and 16 years. The children will approach an extensive one and varied musical repertoire thus where through what to help to develop the expression, the concentration and the creativity, music owns the quality to harness the social relations and causes that the children undergo their capacity to be related to the surroundings.

Scenic choir

For this reason, what this project tries is to educate through music. The contents are oriented to movement in technical scene/of technical song modern/technical of breathing/of relaxation/vocalization€¦


Activity of group directed to ni±os/as with a minimum level of a year in any instrument. Los/as ni±os/as finds here a space in which to develop the musical creativity to the maximum. Basic principles of harmony, analysis of the subjects will work (structure, compasses, reading of coding and listens active of the rest of the members of the group. The study of the harmony actually of the instrument from early ages facilitates the understanding of the works that the student studies in his class, as well as the one of music generally.

Music of camera

Activity of group directed to ni±os/as with a minimum level of two years in an instrument and a year of musical language. Adapted works of camera to different the formation and the level of the students will work.


  • Development of the auditory capacity towards the different musical lines of all the members of the group.
  • To teach to the children to graduate the intensity as the sound of its instrument in relation to the others.
  • Basic formation in different styles.
  • To give an opportunity them so that they really enjoy music when discovering his capacity to touch with other children.

Group of present music

Oriented to ni±os/as with a minimum level of two years in an instrument and one year of musical language. One will work on different styles (jazz, rock, MGP, flamenco€¦) and with different combinations from instruments: battery, percussion, piano, keyboards, electrical guitar, under electrical, winds, cord, voice€¦

Instrumental joint activities

Groups of cord, wind groups, percussion, band, big band, orchestral grouping of the school

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