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Pequejazz. The musical comedy

This spectacle was worn for the first time in XXI the festival of jazz of Madrid, in center cultural of Villa of Madrid.

In this musical story for all the family a main character called Dexterity (whose name has been taken from a subject of Charlie Parker) narrates three children who want to be musical the history of the jazz from their origins until the end of years 50. He does through a route by his own life, from his Dhanri great-great-grandfather until the same becomes adult.


Concerts realised with the spectacle of Pequejazz, the secret of Dexterity

Pequejazz is a spectacle worn for the first time in the community of Madrid. In this Pequejazz scope it has crossed the following city councils:

Torrelodones, Arganda of the King, Col, Villalba, Legan©s, the Goatherd, Getafe, San Martin of the Fertile valley, Arroyomolinos, Pozuelo, Boadilla of Monte, and Fuenlabrada (schellostic campaign four days followed with four schools each one of the days).

Pequejazz has participated in the festival of jazz of Vigo Imaxinasons, one of the most important festivals of Spain, as well as in the Festival of jazz of M³stoles.

Concert of Pequejazz was celebrated within the frame of activities that Meter of Madrid organizes in the station of Chamart­n in Christmases of 2009.

The last concert of Pequejazz was celebrated in the Sala Berlanga of Madrid.


Program of the concert

The concert goes accompanied of a didactic guide on the history of the jazz.

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