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Projects of social impact

From this past year the 2015 Popular School of Music and Dance through its Cultural Association has begun its support for the one formation big band for children and adolescents in risk of social exclusion.

The program of music with social character is developed from the schellostic centers, that become motors of change for the community where they are located. The changes produced in the present society derived from the explosion of the social networks and mass media, of the socioeconomic situation and the difficult familiar conciliation€¦ push to us to raise the necessity to us to introduce new methods in the education of our children.

Novel musical projects that have taken to end successfully put of relief the importance of music in the education as vehicle of social integration. Our project happens therefore an ambitious plan of social and cultural transformation that implies to all the surroundings, by means of a pedagogy in which participates all the community.

With this project we obtained:

  • To improve the future of children, young people and their families in risk of social exclusion through the education artistic-musical comedy.
  • To foment universal values, awareness and social responsibility from the base.
  • To contribute in the personal development and the social integration of the children through music, as a formative activity and of leisure.

€œThe musician-social organizations are organizations that work with the practice or the musical education as tool of social transformation€.

At this moment we worked with an agreement of collaboration with the Musician-social Program DaLaNota with children of the district of Lavapi©s. This initiative has an expansive character reason why soon it will extend to other schools.

We thus contribute in the formation in values supporting other non-profit organizations who develop their work in different subjects from human rights, integration, interculturalism, cooperation, dependency and all those aspects that form divide part of the personal development.

Our Majors

For some years we have created in collaboration with other organizations a Club of Jazz de Mayores with the management and organization of concerts of Jazz with musical outstanding of the national panorama.

Also we carried out a plan of concerts and cultural events in centers of majors.

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