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  • Address: Patricia Monasterio/Nydia Molina
  • Secretariat and Management: Ignacio Urkiola
  • Infantile coordinator and classic profile: Edgar Mart­n
  • Coordinating profile jazz: Antonio Saiz
Who we are

In 1996 our school as a musical center was created that in the heat of filled to an empty space district of Chamber­. Since then, we have evolved and grown much. Many of the young people who now enter conservatories superiors or that already are in the university have grown here, and are a pride for us who (as much those that they dedicate professionally to the music as which they live it as an intense liking) have found in our school a motivation to increase to their education and its sensitivity, to enjoy music and to grow as people.

During all these years, we have developed multiple activities: seminaries in the scope of the jazz and classic music distributed by great teachers, concerts, cultural activities of cooperation with the district, recordings€¦ and to day of today we continued extending our objectives.

From the Popular School of Music and Dance we have seted out to act as integrating element of the amalgam of musical styles and the present diversity making of bridge between the tradition and modernity. Only one vision stylistically opened will allow the student to find its own way and to be placed within the framework of an own artistic generational relief.

We think about the school as which it belongs us to all, as something alive, and changed you rule as evolve the needs and the proposals of the students and professors who participate in her. We count on the professionalism and the excellence of our professors, and between all we planned our program to obtain a constant improvement that it takes to us to be reference of the musical education.

We have been able to create an educative center characterized by the quality in the customized attention of each student, worried about the needs and advances about each about them. We try to remain kind to its problems while we maintain the level of exigency precise to reach the objectives and to contribute to a complete education of the student. Thanks to this common effort, in the Popular School of Music and Dance we have obtained to a familiar atmosphere fruit of the proximity that settles down between the students, their professors, the families and all that we are tie to the school.

Every day we confronted the objective to improve our educative supply, of management and communication with our students and their families. In order to obtain it, we needed your confidence and your collaboration; we know that we had them and we thank for it beforehand to you. Between all we will contribute to the improvement in the quality of education, in line with our eagerness of constant renovation and overcoming.

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