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Course Superior of Jazz

For the tests of access to the conservatories superiors of jazz and modern music

In the Popular School of Music and Dance we have designed a specific program of preparation for the direct access to the DEGREE JAZZ SUPERIOR (is not necessary the title of Professional Degree), or in Spain or abroad.

Through the different subjects that compose the program, our professors will work of customized form with each one of the students to prepare the different stages of the entrance examination from the Degree Superior of Jazz.

Course superior of Jazz

A customized work to prepare the different stages from the examination in addition to putting at the disposal of the students the precise information with respect to the structure of these tests.

  • To direct a test with rythmical section: to organize the structure, time and shades, use of the jazz language, etc.
  • Without support, being able to interpret and to improvise transmitting to the listener a rythmical and harmonic context of, by ex., a standard.
  • To improvise of ear on a seen sequence not to evaluate the reaction capacity.
  • Auditory analysis of an ear extract: to define the structure, the style and the time, and to transcribe a fragment melodic-overtone.
  • Aside from the analysis, accomplishment of melodic dictations, or low melody and.


  • Instrument
  • Stand for casks
  • Auditory harmony/Improvisation/


  • Mariano D­az: Piano
  • Roberto Nieva: Sax
  • Jorge Vistel: Trumpet player
  • Miguel Angel Chastang: Contrabass
  • David Gonzalez Cambray: Contrabass/Under electrical
  • Juanma Barroso: Battery
  • Paco Gomez: Auditory harmony/Improvisation/
  • Antonio Saiz: Guitar

In addition, our students will be able to benefit from the permanent seminary of Skillful Classes with Perico Sambeat, kIKe Perdomo, Jorge Pardo, Nono Garc­a, Javier Colina€¦

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